Monday, May 16, 2011

A home for my Old Pretender




Here's what I finally had time to do, refurbish or UN-furbish a clock case that used to hold treasures in my former studio. Alas the studio is no more, so I yanked out the clumsy plywood shelves the previous owner saw fit to install. First I carefully removed the gilded window pane door. Then I yanked and pulled out the nails holding the old shelves. I wiggled and cajoled one shelf to align perfectly with the door frame, and tacked it in. The hardest part was drilling the walls and anchoring 3 L brackets. I did it! With my own two little hands. Then screwed it to the wall, then rehung the precious door, and tacked up the muslin fabric to protect my dolly's antique damask dress. It was worth the effort, although she does seem a little out of place in my homespun living room.